Episode#:16 Shaun Boyce and Bobby Schindler

ATP: Tennis eSports – Play tennis in another dimension with Virtual Reality Tennis

Alexandra Nancarrow is chief of strategy for Tennis eSports.

VR Motion Learning company utilizes new technologies such as:

Their unique platform revolutionizes the active sports virtualization (active Esports) trend with corresponding technologies and methodologies. Based on a scientifically proven approach augmented with the Motion Learning Library and VR Motion Learning Methodology players will learn to move their body in a more efficient and focused way than ever possible in traditional training. We bring real-time motion learning technologies out of the lab to the consumer market with affordable prices and practical technical setup. That allows us to build real-time and Tennis Esports games with realistic ball and racket physics so that players can participate in training sessions and tennis matches via the Internet as if they were on a real court.

The TENNIS ESPORTS platform is aimed to make Tennis Esports a new market and community of Players and Clubs participating in Tennis Esports Super League tournaments and global scores and ratings.


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