If you were King of Tennis, what would you do?


Tim served as the tennis coach at Texas Tech for 23 years. On July 8, 2015, he resigned to spend more time with his wife Jenny and four beautiful children: Alex, Kate, Ellie, and Luke. 20 days later, Luke had his accident. 

The Team Luke Hope for Minds mission is to enrich the lives of children with a brain injury and give hope to their families through support and education.
At the heart of their services is the conviction that the health and well-being of these children can improve over time if families have access to educational materials, therapeutic services, and adaptive equipment for their children. They also believe that families can gain strength by connecting with one other. To provide these crucial services, they need your help. Every dollar makes a difference. With your generous gift, you make it possible to keep hope alive—one precious child at a time.

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