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  • June 26, 2023
  • Monday, 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM
  • Murphy Jensen joins Bobby Schindler & Shaun J Boyce on the Atlanta Tennis Podcast
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Murphy Jensen LIVE on Atlanta Tennis Podcast at 1:00PM EST Monday June 26


Monday, 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM
June 26, 2023


Atlanta Tennis Podcast


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Grand Slam doubles winner and retired American professional tennis player Murphy Jensen was born on October 30, 1968. His older brother, Luke Jensen, also played professional tennis, and he and Luke won the French Open Doubles Championship in 1993.[1]

He is the current head coach of the Washington Kastles of World TeamTennis and the co-founder of WEconnect, a healthcare information technology firm with a platform to help addiction rehabilitation.

The Beginnings

Murphy Jensen was up in the western Michigan resort town of Ludington, where his family raised Christmas trees. His ancestry comes from Denmark[2].As a young lad, he saw the usage of a tennis net to catch salmon in the Pere Marquette River.Murphy and his brother Luke were trained to play tennis by their father, Howard Jensen, [3] who had previously tried out for the New York Giants as an offensive guard[4] before becoming a high school tennis coach.

Career in collegiate tennis

Luke and Jensen both got degrees from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.[5] Two years into his collegiate career with the USC Trojans, Murphy switched to the University of Georgia for a single season before turning professional to join his brother Luke on the ATP Tour.

Entrepreneurship and Social Activism

The Jensen brothers shot to fame with their 1993 French Open victory with Luke.[6] Murphy Jensen resorted to booze and drugs to deal with the pressure of his sudden fame. In 1995, his family was terrified that he had been abducted when he failed to show up for a Wimbledon mixed-doubles match with Brenda Schultz-McCarthy.[7]

Murphy Jensen fell into addiction following a disappointing performance at the 1999 US Open and the accompanying stress of job and parenthood (his son William was born a few weeks after the event). The hotel management saw that Jensen was clearly in trouble and called in an interventionist to help convince him to become sober. Jensen accepted, and he’s been clean of drugs and alcohol ever since.

In 2014, when both were receiving treatment for addiction, Murphy Jensen met successful businesswoman and recovering addict Daniella Tudor. Once both had completed their respective recovery programs, they joined together to raise public awareness about addiction treatment. WEconnect is a web-based platform created in 2016 by Jensen, Tudor, and businesswoman Jen Mallory to aid with the post-treatment rehabilitation of substance abuse disorder patients. WEconnect is a “social-purpose corporation” with a business model focused on facilitating “accountability for an individual’s recovery activities by closing the gap in communication with their support network.” After taking first place at the TechCrunch Seattle Meet-Up in June 2016, WEconnect was selected as the wildcard battlefield company for TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September.[8]

Profession in the Movies or on TV

After leaving tennis behind, Murphy Jensen began acting in films like Wimbledon and, most recently, Tennis, Anyone. Open Access and Murphy’s Guide are two of the Tennis Channel shows he now presents.

On Open Access, Jensen covers major tennis tournaments across the globe and conducts in-depth interviews with the players.

Each episode of the humorous series Murphy’s Guide serves as a travel guide for tennis fans visiting one of the many cities that host major tennis tournaments throughout the world. Each episode features at least one major player and includes a brief segment about where fans of the game can play while in town, but the bulk of the content focuses on Jensen’s attempts to see the sights, try the local cuisine, and interact with the locals in his own unique way. However, particular travel information about local hotels, restaurants, and attractions is imparted via his experiences and misfortunes, sometimes with the aid of animated maps and visuals. Many episodes also include a staged beginning scene, with Jensen doing things like being interrogated by Sigmund Freud in Vienna or mimicking James Bond in London or Crocodile Dundee in Melbourne.

For more: https://letsgotennis.com

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