Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Yes. No catch. We are in the process of building awareness and paid memberships are extremely affordable and add even more value.

Go to and complete the online form. Be sure to select the check box to subscribe and check your Spam/Junk folder for the confirmation email and click the Confirm your Subscription link.

Yes! Many of them offer discounts for members. With rising costs for tennis balls, fuel, and other tennis related equipment, coaches are often forced (especially those who travel to your location) to raise prices. We help local certified coaches so they can reduce costs by purchasing equipment in bulk, referring incoming member requests to other Partner Coaches so no player goes un-coached, and GoTennis! promotes well-vetted, certified coaches to make lessons and services easier to find. For all of this, all we ask is that each Partner Coach offers 10% off to our members (even those with the FREE membership) and be willing to refer lessons or services to other Partner Coaches if they cannot fulfill the request. 

GoTennis! and Atlanta Tennis Podcast are owned by the same business entity and some of the managers are the same. The Atlanta Tennis Podcast will help promote GoTennis! and vice versa. Click on the PODCAST tab for more.

GoTennis! is donating to Atlanta area schools as well as businesses and nonprofits using a simple campaign. We are working to grow awareness for our projects and schools are always fundraising, so we are offering $1 for every four (4) new* memberships referred to us. A booster club, athletic director, or any school admin/staff decision maker can join our program and add their school to the drop down menu at to get started. Friends and family can enter their information to gain a FREE membership to GoTennis! and we will donate to that specific school or business entity. *see fine print, of course.