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Most Famous Couples in Tennis

Professional athletes struggle to find time for themselves because they are always training or traveling around the world. Despite these challenges, there are several stories of players being romantically bonded to their partners because of their common love of the game. A tennis professional’s life is both challenging and rewarding. Financial success is just one component of rewards; there are plenty of other aspects to consider.

Tennis players frequently struggle to adjust to their spouses from other professions due to their tight schedules and frequent travel. Therefore, it is common for them to marry into the tennis community. Therefore today we will explore some of the most romantic couples in tennis.

Top Couples in Tennis

Many tennis players have fallen in love while pursuing a career in the sport, and some of these relationships have led to power couples in modern tennis. Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s look at some of the dominant power couples in tennis today.

Andre Agassi And Steffi Graf

They are definitely the most well-known tennis couple. They were the two best winners of the 1990s, winning a combined 30 Grand Slam titles. Agassi and Graf celebrated their wins as the men’s and women’s champions in the spring of 1999 at the French Open gala. 

Their popularity was at its peak at the time, and the French people adored them, which motivated the two lovers. A few weeks later, the German announced her retirement, and they formally joined.

In 2001, they married, had two children, and spent over ten years of quiet happiness together, alternating between professional shows and charity work.

Roger Federer And Miroslava Vavrinec 

We sometimes forget that before becoming Mrs. Roger Federer and his staunchest supporter in the stands, “Mirka” Vavrinec was a respectable professional tennis player.

During the Sydney Olympics, she first met the Swiss, three years her junior, and became his… agent, which she did in addition to her athletic career. 

Eventually, the business relationship gave way to love, and in 2009, they were married and had twins the following year.

Jimmy Connors And Chris Evert

In July 1974, Chris Evert, then 19 years old, won his first Wimbledon event against Jimmy Connors, then 21 years old. Following these successes, the two Americans declared their intention to wed in November. 

But after just a few weeks, the couple decided to call off the wedding amicably. In a 1978 interview, Evert, also known as “Chrissie,” revealed, “We were so young,” adding that this was their first intimate relationship.

Lleyton Hewitt and Kim Clijsters

The relationship between Hewitt and Clijsters began at the Australian Open in 2000 and was long held up as an example. The couple appeared to get along splendidly. They became engaged in December 2003, and their wedding was scheduled for February 2005. 

However, in October 2004, the Belgian found that her Australian had an affair with a local actress named Rebecca Cartwright. She decided to call Hewitt and break up. 

Since then, the tennis player and the actress have married, and Clijsters has found the perfect love match with a professional basketball player. With whom she had a daughter in 2008 and is currently expecting a second. 

Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova

The two Czech champions first met as teens at the same training center in the country’s east. After that, each continued with their professional jobs, although the partnership lasted until July 2011. 

A year later, Berdych spoke about his newfound love with a female from outside of the tennis industry. He stated that he was “very happy” not to share his peer’s everyday life: “It’s difficult enough to deal with it for yourself, so when you are two with the same problems…”

Ferdinando Verdasco and Ana Ivanović

It’s evident from the tour that people have always had a strong desire for the stunning Ana Ivanovic. That’s why it makes sense that a master seducer like Fernando Verdasco, who has also captured the hearts of many models and actresses in addition to the Argentine Gisela Dulko, chose to pursue her. 

However, the romance was over in a flash. Ana and Nando split up in January 2009, just a few weeks after being photographed together in public on Madrid’s streets. The Serbian player is currently dating Mark Stillitano, a close friend of Novak Djokovic. 

Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina

Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina first communicated on social media. After starting dating in 2019, they became engaged on April 3, 2021, and on July 16, of that same year, they were married. The couple was then blessed with a gorgeous baby girl, whom they named Skai, on October 15, 2022.

Monfils recently showered her spouse with appreciation for her amazing sacrifices and commitment to striking a balance between her career and parenting. Through social media, they frequently give their fans peeks into the wonderful times in their lives.

Roger Federer Mirka Federer

They got to know one another while they were competing for Switzerland in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. While staying in the Olympic Village, 18-year-old Roger Federer fell in love with 21-year-old Miroslava “Mirka” Vavrinec, a fellow tennis player. After nearly nine years of dating, the couple got married in 2009. They have two sets of twins now.

Federer has always credited Mirka with his continued success in the sport. He said, “She had a big part to play in [the win] because she is here 89 titles after I had no titles,” following his victory in the 2017 AO championship. Federer also praised his wife when he announced his retirement in September 2022.

Fabio Fognini and Flavia Pennetta

Both the Italian tennis stars were good friends for several years before they eventually started dating in 2014. Fognini and Pennetta used to train on the same ground in Barcelona with the same physiotherapist. 

They even shared the same personnel in their coaching team. According to various media outbreaks, it was Flavia Pennetta who wanted to date Fabio Fognini. Then, after a year of dating each other, they got married in 2015 in Ostuni, Apulia, Italy.

Carlos Moya and Flavia Pennetta

Flavia Pennetta, no prude, gave a candid interview for Italian television in 2009. She did have a relationship with Carlos Moya, as well as two or three other professionals. She enjoys having sexual encounters in strange settings, such as a cloakroom. 

And yes, she had a crush on Marat Safin. Regarding her love relationship with Moya, we later discovered that it ended badly in 2007.

Igor Andreev and Maria Kirilenko

On Maria Kirilenko’s official website, you can still read a nice interview with her long-term boyfriend, Igor Andreev. In February 2009, he declared, “I am happy when Maria is.” Still on the same website, a portfolio from December 2010 shows the happy couple on vacation in Las Vegas.

GaËl Monfils and Dominika Cibulkova.

During the tour in the spring of 2008, Monfils was a hit. He was pushing himself, putting up some incredible performances—in Slovak. His stunning girlfriend Dominika Cibulkova at the time claimed, “It’s because of me, I’ve taught him that.” Before splitting up soon after, the couple made their relationship public by competing in mixed doubles at Roland Garros. 

Final Words

Married Couples in Tennis are an amazing example of how a personal relationship can flourish alongside professional brilliance, as they reflect a unique blend of love and competition.

Their experiences of camaraderie, teamwork, and mutual support give the game a deeper, more human element. These couples make a lasting impression on the tennis world as they successfully manage their multiple roles and encourage future generations to pursue their personal and professional goals with equal fervor. 

Whether they are competing together or cheering one another on from the stands, the couple in tennis serve as a reminder that love and tennis can go hand in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tennis couples handle competition and rivalry?

It takes maturity to handle rivalry and competition. In order to keep their personal connection and professional competition apart, tennis couples frequently establish boundaries. They promote respect for one another and acknowledge one another’s accomplishments. They may support one another without allowing rivalry to badly impact their relationship because they recognize that wins and defeats are just a part of the game.

What is a tennis partner called?

When playing doubles matches, when each side consists of two players, a tennis partner is frequently referred to as a “doubles partner”. Since singles bouts are one-on-one, there isn’t a term specifically for the other player.

How do tennis couples balance their professional and personal lives?

Tennis couples may find it difficult to reconcile their personal and professional life because of their hectic schedules and frequent travel. Strong mutual support, understanding, and communication are frequently prerequisites for successful relationships. They work hard to make time for each other, even if it means juggling their competing schedules. Crucial tactics include putting their partnership first and supporting one another unconditionally both on and off the court.

Can being in a relationship with another tennis player benefit one’s career?

Yes, it can be advantageous to be in a relationship with another tennis player. Both partners offer invaluable emotional support and encouragement because they are aware of the rigors and stresses inherent in the sport. They can assist one another in getting better at their games by exchanging training advice and techniques. But it’s crucial to strike a balance and make sure the partnership continues to be a source of support rather than more strain.



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