Razor Soft Sets

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Ever wondered if there’s a string that offers both precision and flexibility? So, be Ready to transform your tennis game with a string that combines power and comfort seamlessly. We are here to Introduce Tecnifibre’s Razor Soft Tennis String Set – the ultimate game-changer for players seeking a winning edge.

At the heart of Razor Soft Set is a high-modulus polyester core, the same material used in Tecnifibre’s renowned Razor Code. This core provides the explosive power and precision that advanced players demand. However, what truly distinguishes Razor Soft is the addition of a polyurethane additive. This innovation brings an unprecedented level of flexibility and comfort to the table, without compromising on precision or tension.

Every player has their style, and Tecnifibre understands this well. That’s why Razor Soft is available in three different sizes: 16lg, 17lg, and 18lg. This range ensures that you can select the gauge that perfectly complements your playing style, and allows you to fine-tune your racket to perform at its best.

It is specialized for players who demand both power and comfort, Razor Soft is a revelation. You no-longer have to choose between dominating the court and safeguarding your arm. This string empowers you to unleash powerful shots with precision, all while enjoying a level of comfort that lets you stay in the game longer.

Why Choose Tecnifibre
Razor Soft?

Here’s why the Tecnifibre Razor Soft Tennis String Set should be your top choice!

Explosive Power:

If you won’t compromise on power. Then this Razor Soft is your answer that delivers exceptional power, allowing you to unleash explosive shots and dominate your opponents on the court. The high-modulus polyester core ensures that your swings pack a punch.

Precision and Tension Maintenance:

Razor Soft maintains its tension exceptionally well. It provides consistent performance throughout your matches. This precision can be a game-changer, helping you place your shots exactly where you want them.

Trusted by Players:

Tecnifibre is a brand trusted by professional tennis players worldwide, and Razor Soft is no exception. Experience the same quality that the pros rely on to perform at their best.

It’s time to experience tennis in a whole new way. So, be ready to make the switch to Razor Soft and unlock your full potential on the court. Don’t settle for less when you can have it all with Tecnifibre Razor Soft. Order Now! And avail of our best offer _ if you buy our premium package you’ll get a 20-25% discount on your purchase.