Triax Sets

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Looking to enhance your tennis game with a string that offers more than just POWER? If YES! Then this Tecnifibre Triax Natural Tennis String Set has the answers you’ve been looking for! The Triax Natural Tennis String Set isn’t your typical tennis string. It’s a game-changer to elevate your Tennis game to new heights.

Triax Natural is well-designed to provide a higher level of playability, all thanks to its multifilament construction. It’s the string that responds to your every move with precision and finesse. But that’s just the beginning.

But that’s not all. Triax also introduces a groundbreaking element to the world of multifilament strings: co-polyester material. For the first time in a multifilament, this material is used to extend the service life of the string.

The innovative use of polyurethane (HD) is yet another distinctive feature of Triax. It is tailored specifically for flexibility and offers a higher level of arm protection. This means you can play with confidence, knowing that your arm is shielded from the rigors of the game.

Spin enthusiasts take note. Triax boasts the highest level of firmness in a multifilament string, directly translating to a higher level of spin on the court. It’s a string that not only delivers power but also ensures you have the control you need to dominate every rally.

For those seeking the perfect balance between durability and feel, the 17/1.28 gauge is a solid choice. It strikes a harmonious compromise that gives you the longevity you desire without compromising the tactile feedback you rely on.

So, are you ready to take your game to a higher level? This Tecnifibre Triax Natural Tennis String Set is here to provide the answers. It’s a string that brings together playability, durability, arm protection, and spin like never before. It’s the string that redefines what’s possible on the tennis court.

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